Paul Finebaum is well aware about coaching dynamics in the SEC, and how a situation like Florida could unfold in a matter of days or weeks.

On the ESPN College Football Podcast on Sunday, Finebaum discussed with Matt Barrie the firing of Dan Mullen by the Gators, and how it came about to Athletics Director Scott Stricklin.

“Well, he had no choice,” Finebaum said. “I said to you that I felt like he was on life support, and the tug of war down in Gainesville, do we wait a week, do we owe it to the players to have Senior Day, the old line that Stricklin’s predecessor, Jeremy Foley once said, ‘If it’s inevitable, do it immediately,’ I think ruled the day. Why wait. By the way, what if he wins that game, it really doesn’t mean anything. The atmosphere down there had grown toxic, many of the former players, and I’m talking about pre-Urban Meyer days, had turned against Mullen, and Stricklin had no choice.”

Finebaum then circled back on the so-called pundits, who figured Mullen could be saved by Stricklin because of their relationship from the Mississippi State days, but Finebaum said the AD could also lose his job if he’s not careful.

“He did exactly what Dan Mullen did 2 weeks ago by sacrificing 2 coaches, Scott Stricklin sacrificed Dan Mullen today because it was the right thing to do,” Finebaum said.