Jim McElwain’s claim that death threats — without proof — were directed at the Florida program was among the reasons cited as why he was let go as head coach.

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In the days since he made that claim, his bosses and others around the University of Florida and Gainesville community searched for evidence to that suggestion. That included Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times, who contacted local and federal authorities and filed an open records request looking for evidence.

“There were no death threats – or any angry notes at all,” Baker reported, and went on to cite several positive or encouraging notes from fans and alumni.

Baker shared something from a fan named Ron Lemke. “He wrote: I am one in the minority that doesn’t think my life will end if the team dosent win, don’t get me wrong winning is more fun but it is a game. As I tell everyone who whines around me it all looks easy from up here. Please know that among the complainers there are many of us who support the team day in day out.”

Baker cautioned to not interpret the support that McElwain may have made up the death threats, as others have suggested.

“I don’t have any evidence to back up that claim, and I’m not implying that,” he wrote. “But I thought I’d see some venom in McElwain’s emails. What I found was support. Who knew?”