Could Urban Meyer’s first season in the NFL also be his last? CBS analyst Rick Neuheisel seems to think so. And that’s because of the new Power 5 opening that has popped up.

It hasn’t taken long since Clay Helton was fired by USC on Monday for Meyer’s name to be thrown in the mix regarding the Trojans’ new opening. Even though Meyer is only 1 regular-season game into his tenure with the Jacksonville Jaguars, people seem to think the former Florida and Ohio State head coach could be pursued by USC.

That includes Neuheisel, who shared his thoughts on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Tuesday.

“The name that I’m going to throw out there, and I don’t know if Urban is going to like the NFL, but Urban Meyer is the guy that I would be circling,” Neuheisel said on the show.

Patrick asked Neuheisel if he thought Meyer could be “one and done” in the NFL. Neuheisel showed no hesitation in answering, “Yes.”

“Urban Meyer’s a control guy,” Neuheisel said. “And I don’t say that disparagingly. He wants total control. The NFL athlete is a different animal. And sometimes his way of doing things will fall on some deaf ears, which will drive him crazy.”

Meyer’s NFL coaching career didn’t get off to the best start on Sunday, as the Jaguars lost to the Houston Texans, 37-21. Things could get better, especially as rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence gains more experience.

But if it doesn’t? Maybe Meyer would consider going to USC, which Neuheisel thinks to be the case.