Florida Athletics Director Scott Stricklin offered several details around the outbreak of COVID-19 on the football team at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

At the same time he announced that the LSU game this Saturday is postponed, Stricklin didn’t have any details yet on the Missouri game scheduled for next week.

Stricklin revealed that some players reported symptoms, such as runny noses and headaches, on Friday before traveling to Texas A&M, but dismissed it as allergies and not COVID-19. He admitted that they should have reported that earlier but didn’t. Then a few players reported symptoms on Sunday before testing. Once testing started, they saw some positives.

Since then, Florida has tested every day this week to try and identify a spread.

“I don’t want to speculate as to what the mindset was, I really think it’s, it could be as simple as not understanding symptoms,” Stricklin said. “And, you know, I know people personally who have had the sniffles and a friend of theirs, were, you know, was a COVID positive so they went got testing done that they had and they they thought they just had, you know, something pretty common. So understanding, you know, your own body and being on the lookout to be suspicious when you do have any kind of abnormality whether it’s a headache or sniffles or fatigue, whatever it may be, you know, as a college student, you have those things and it’s not uncommon. But in a COVID environment, it’s so important that we are hyper sensitive to being diligent on that front so I don’t know that this was a situation where someone goes, ‘I don’t feel well but I’m going to power through it,’ this a situation where someone felt like I got a sniff on a Kleenex and I’m ready to go play a game.”

Stricklin also explained that players have to be in isolation for 10 days since symptoms began; players that didn’t practice social distancing have to go in quarantine for 14 days