Tim Tebow was one of the most emotional quarterbacks in recent SEC history.

He’s also one of the most successful. During his time in Gainesville, Tebow won two national championships as well as a Heisman Trophy. Florida won 13 games three times during Tebow’s career.

He took the seven losses hard, especially to Ole Miss in 2008 and to Alabama in 2009. After a turnover-filled game against the Rebels ruined a chance at a perfect season, Tebow apologized profusely and promised to outwork every other player in the country the rest of the year:

Florida responded by winning the BCS national championship against Oklahoma. In fact, the Gators did not lose again until ’09 against coach Nick Saban and his third Alabama team — in the SEC championship.

The quarterback of that team? Greg McElroy. McElroy and Tebow went on to be NFL teammates with the New York Jets and now both work for the SEC Network as analysts.

When Tebow arrived in New York in 2012, McElroy and then-starter Mark Sanchez welcomed the popular former Gators standout to the Jets film room by playing video of that ’09 SEC championship.

It was supposed to be a joke. Maybe Tebow would get mad. Maybe he’d be good-natured and pretend it didn’t bother him. The three would laugh, and then move on to preparing for the 2012 NFL season. Those kinds of moments happen weekly in NFL meeting rooms.

But not this: Tebow didn’t laugh. Nor did he yell.

“Tim being the competitor he was, we watched the whole thing,” McElroy said on Friday afternoon, according to SEC Country. “Me and Mark were like, ‘Alright, dude, it was a joke, man. Seriously. Tim.’”

McElroy explained that Tebow talked to himself throughout the entire replay, muttering apologies to his former Gators teammates.

SEC Country followed up by asking Tebow if he’d like one shot at revenge, especially now that Alabama and Florida are meeting in the SEC championship game once again.

Tebow laughed — and then gave a long explanation about why the Gators lost that ’09 game. It seems like Tebow remains obsessed with the loss to the Tide.

“No, I’m not about revenge,” Tebow said. “They came out and had an awesome game. They had a great game plan, and they executed for three hours better than we did. I feel like we had a really good team but didn’t show up and play our best that day and they did, so we have to give them a lot of credit.

“Give Nick Saban and his team a lot of credit. They came out and won it.”