Some big plays are made. Others are created. And sometimes you get an unexpected helping hand (or two) that leads to six points.

That certainly was the situation Saturday, when a sluggish Vanderbilt offense took over at its 26 with about a minute left in the first half against Florida.

Vanderbilt had thrown just four passes to that point, completing one.

There was no reasonable expectation that the Commodores would attempt to throw their way down the field, yet they came out in a four-receiver set against Florida’s 4-2-5 coverage.

Vandy did the smart thing, however, playing it safe and handing off to Ralph Webb. A simple shotgun-run concept, with next to no continuing fake from quarterback Johnny McCrary, nothing that should have diverted Florida’s linebackers from stopping the run.

Yet that’s exactly what happened in what can only be described as a very bad scheme.

Florida’s Antonio Morrison, perhaps thinking McCrary might fake the handoff and try to get outside, never saw Webb burst through the middle of the defensive line.

Linebacker Daniel McMillian also grossly over-pursued, guessing and attacking the wrong gap.

Defensive back Keanu Neal read the play better than the linebackers, but was blocked by the umpire in a what-next moment for the Gators, who were caught blocking each other a couple of years ago against Georgia Southern.

The result was a play designed to eat clock and perhaps gain 4 yards went for 74 and a touchdown.

Thanks to a bad scheme and an a physical referee, something SDS contributor and Skill or Scheme grader Stephen Garcia knows too much about.