Outside of his success playing quarterback for the Florida Gators, former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is most well-known for his faith and abilities as a motivational speaker. That was well on display in the season in which he gave the “I Promise” speech where he essentially put all of the Gators’ struggles on himself and promised to play harder for the remainder of the year.

The speech clearly worked, as Florida went on to win a national title that season. Now, Tebow is giving his motivational speaking tips and tricks to other former quarterbacks, including Eli Manning. The two seemed to have a moment in the latest release of the ‘Eli’s Places’ trailer.

“Come on, I’m sure Ole Miss has a bunch of your speeches on plaques… I want you to dig down deep from the bottom of your soul and give me the most impassioned, plaque-worthy speech you’ve got,” he encouraged Mannig.

The best Manning could muster was a “Go Get Em” to which Tebow responded with a “sometimes less is more” and a plaque that, well, might not be up for very long.