Florida legend Tim Tebow is still pursuing his baseball career in the New York Mets organization, but there were questions recently in light of Urban Meyer’s potential move to the NFL about a reunion with his former coach.

“For me,” Tebow told TMZ Sports, “I’m super excited about spring training. So, that’s where my focus kind of swirls right now.”

Meyer has been reported to be in talks with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tebow’s hometown NFL team, but the former quarterback said his dream of joining the New York Mets’ big-league roster has all of his attention right now, and he won’t pursue being Meyer’s next quarterback or even a coach on Meyer’s staff.

About two months ago, New York Mets president Sandy Alderson returned to the Mets as team president after he was general manager when the organization signed Tebow in 2016, a move made partly to attract more fans. Tebow, a left fielder, has since made it to Triple-A, but a hand injury in 2019 cut his season short for the second straight year.

Tebow is projected to be at Triple-A Syracuse, but once next season starts, it’ll be the first regular season game for him in 21 months.

“I’m already behind the 8-ball in age and time and experience in all of these things, so of course it makes it harder,” Tebow told MLB.com this offseason. “But I think at the same time, I try to learn from every bit of it. And that’s all that we can do.”