ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay has long been a fan of Kyle Pitts, and has elevated the former Florida tight end above the likes of other former SEC stars like LSU’s Ja’Marr Chase.

This week, he explained why the Philadelphia Eagles could help Jalen Hurts by drafting Pitts, which would solidify the former Alabama quarterback’s position with the Eagles. McShay shared those thoughts during a recent appearance on ESPN Radio’s Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin. McShay sees a scenario where Pitts goes to the Eagles at No. 6 in the upcoming NFL Draft.

“When I look at Pitts, how many guys like Pitts are out there?,” McShay said. “You’ve got Travis Kelce. No one knows Darren Waller because he plays for Las Vegas, but he had 197 catches the last two years. But he’s that kind of player, 6-5 and change, 250 pounds is where he’s going to wind up being. You can play him in line. He’s physical as a blocker even though he’s not great, he at least gives effort. But you can flex him out in the slot, put him out wide. You can do so many different things with him. And Zach Ertz is not going to be there in Philly.”

McShay wasn’t completely convinced that Hurts has solidified long-term plans in Philadelphia, but Pitts is one way to do that.

“If Pitts is the pick, now you’re giving your young quarterback in Jalen Hurts a real opportunity, in my opinion, to create some mismatches,” McShay said, then added the Eagles could pick Chase, or Alabama’s DeVonta Smith if Pitts is not an option. “There’s so many good pass-catching options in the top 15 this year.”