Dan Mullen isn’t owning up to trolling Georgia with Florida’s spring game attendance number, claiming he’s not even that smart.

Florida announced a spring game attendance of 39,476, and thanks to a Reddit user, it’s been 39 years and 476 games since Georgia won its last national title.

Leading into the Gators’ spring game, Mullen discussed trolling rivals with the attendance figure, but at that time, he used an example of Florida State. (Florida beat FSU 41-14 in 2018).

“Yeah, if you go 41,140 or something, I don’t know. You kinda do stuff like that. Have some fun,” Mullen said leading up to the Orange & Blue Game. “I don’t want to give away all my tricks, you guys keep asking, I’ve got tricks up my sleeve for the spring game. If I give them all away now, no one is going to be excited to find them out after, you gotta really search for them to see if you see little things.”

During this week’s SEC Spring Meetings, Mullen was once again asked about whether he trolled the Dawgs, and he still isn’t owning up to it.

“I’m not that smart on the attendance figure,” Mullen told DawgNation’s Mike Griffith. “That’s as random a number as you’ll ever find.”

Mullen also added, “I’ll be honest with you, there’s not always secret meanings into what I’m saying. I just kind of tell you what I think, and then everyone is like, ‘there has to be some kind of secret behind it,'(and) there really isn’t.”