Ty Evans stepped up to the plate in a 3-3 game on Sunday. The Florida outfielder made the most of his plate appearance and opened the door for what was a 24-4 blowout win for the Gators in Game 2 of the College World Series.

The game was tied at three in the top of the third inning when Evans launched a grand slam for his second home run of the game. Evans honestly thought that he fouled the ball off his bat.

“I honestly thought it was foul off the bat probably just like everybody else,” said Evans. “But I just started jogging it out and I looked up at Luke and he was spinning around in circles. I didn’t see the ball. I just knew it was out when he started doing that.”

Evans’ teammate Jac Caglianone praised the Florida outfielder for stepping up when the team needed it most.

“Ty stepped up in the biggest way possible this week,” said Caglianone. “Couldn’t ask any more of him. Really kind of helped take the pressure off as a team having a comfortable lead, something we haven’t had this week so far. And we were really just able to roll with it.”

Ty Evans’ CWS run

Evans has been on fire as of late, hitting 4 home runs in the College World Series. Evans became the first Florida player to do so on Sunday.

The Gators and Tigers will meet again on Monday with the national title on the line. Fans can tune into the game at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.