Urban Meyer will retire from coaching after the Rose Bowl this year, leaving the Ohio State Buckeyes to OC Ryan Day moving forward.

Meyer is one of the rare college coaches who has won national titles at multiple schools, leading both Ohio State and Florida to the top of the sport.

During his press conference on Tuesday, Meyer was asked what makes Ohio State and Florida different. Meyer said both jobs were similar, but added that the size of Ohio State sets it apart from other places:

“Well, this is very similar to Florida,” Meyer said. “Florida is a high-end academic school with its challenges. I’ll give you a recruiting speech. How many times can you have elite national championship football with elite academics? … There’s a lot of high-end football and low-end academics. Ohio State is one of those schools you have it all. So, the challenge is there to find those kinds of student athletes, and this is a very unique place. Florida, like I said, very similar. The thing that makes Ohio State different is the size of this place. … You got 55,000 students with an average ACT of 31. You got 36 sports. Over half of our student athletes have over a 3.0. The expectation here at Ohio State is to win every game, graduate and have them over 3.0, every player stay out of trouble and every player be a high draft pick.”

Obviously, Meyer had his ups and downs at both schools, but his teams were always loaded with talent.

He also produced plenty of high draft picks in addition to winning three titles, so it’s no wonder he got so many top recruits.