Urban Meyer: ‘I think this is the year’ Dan Mullen beats Georgia; Florida ‘should’ reach College Football Playoff

Urban Meyer is among the national media members high on his former team the Florida Gators heading into the 2020 college football season. In January, Meyer named Dan Mullen’s squad his “team to watch” for 2020. Now, Meyer is sharing more thoughts on Florida football in 2020, predicting UF makes it to the College Football Playoff, snapping its losing streak in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party along the way.

Meyer recently spoke to Gator Bait Media’s Buddy Martin

, who authored the book “Urban’s Way” published in 2008.

“I think they should be in the playoff,” Meyer said to Martin of the 2020 Gators. “I think it’s time. Dan’s built a good program. But I spent six years at Florida. Georgia is a BIG [emphasis Martin’s] game. Until you beat Georgia you can’t say a thing. And I think this is the year.”

Meyer pointed to changes in Athens as reasons Florida can beat Georgia for the first time since 2016. UGA head coach Kirby Smart has brought in Todd Monken as his new coordinator for an offense that will be starting a new quarterback (presumably Wake Forest graduate transfer Jamie Newman).

“Georgia has a good squad but it’s a transition year at quarterback and with the offensive coordinator,” Meyer told Martin. “If Dan can keep that team healthy I think they’ll be there right at the end.”

Mullen and Smart’s teams are scheduled to meet on Oct. 31 in Jacksonville. Mullen is 0-2 as Florida’s head coach against Smart’s Bulldogs.

Martin’s full article, with more on Meyer’s post-Ohio State life, can be read here


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  • Yeah Yeah… Urban... Thanks for failing to recognize the depth of recruiting and development in the trenches needed for the SEC!! (This is why Muschamp called the team "soft" when he took over).

    Watching Old Urban when his team is getting beat, bent over, hands on knees, white as a ghost, I'm sure he was having heart palpitations. When he realized the error he made at UF wasn't going to be a quick fix and many more losses were going to be hung around his neck, he bailed. "Health condition", I bet.

    The Florida fanbase, myself included, was more than happy to purchase those National Championship trophies on the Old Urban Meyer credit card but making the payments has sucked.

    Could care less what this guy has to say about Mullen and UF when he claimed under oath "memory issues" about wife beating but I'd bet money never missed a text or tweet to a 5 star recruit.

    • It almost seems like you blame the whole “lost” decade on Meyer. He was definitely morally flawed but he doesn’t come anywhere close to the carnage that the Chump/Swamp Donkey tag team has caused.

      • The lost decade definitely falls at the feet of Meyer. Watch his last year and you can see the team had major flaws. Look at the roster left behind andvthe flaws were glaring. Muschamp couldn't even run a full spring game the next year. Did Muschamp and McElwain fix the problems, no. Did Muschamp take the offense back to prehistoric conditions? Absolutely. Did McElwain stand a chance at recruiting no. Just like the Coronavirus, you have to find where did the problem begin. For UF football the problems started with what Meyer left behind.

        • The roster left behind was loaded with blue chip talent and largely responsible for the run in 2012. Meyer isn’t the one that destroyed 4 top 50 QBs ...or create an unbalanced roster ...or treat the S&C program as optional... or forget how to design an offense. His last season was rough but it was still considered one of the top 3 or 4 coaching jobs in the country when he left. It took the other 2 almost 7 years to nearly burn it to the ground.

        • @upstategator: no I wouldn't lay the blame solely for the "lost decade" at Urban's feet. But as King808 stated, the downward momentum of the program was already there when Meyer left.

          When I say "making payments", I'm not just referring to the losses on the field. For years afterward, the negative publicity stemming from the Meyer tenure also gave Florida detractors not only ammunition on message boards, but also in recruiting.

          Urban DID do a fantastic job when recruiting blue chip "athletes" and hybrid mismatches at skill positions. He DID NOT however, account for the sheer number of quality linemen he would need to account for attrition and depth needed for the SEC. (This is why, if nothing else, Mullen started stacking bodies year 1 in the trenches at Florida.)

          Please look again at the actual roster for 2012 and what their classes were vs the players that were outstanding for that year. Also, keep in mind, that year the football bounced Florida's way quite a few times, including a late 4th quarter blocked punt caught in mid-air and returned for a TD that was actually NEEDED to beat Louisiana Monroe.
          Florida actually backdoored via record their way into a bowl game (much like '95) that was above their head in quality of opponent, as was evidenced by Teddy Bridgewater and Louisville cruising to an easy victory.

          This SDS article was about Urban Meyer offering his opinion as an "expert' about Florida football in the now. When McElwain and Muschamp do the same via media coverage, I will absolutely hold their feet to the fire then as well.

    • I have several Gator friends. We disagree on most things, as you can imagine but one thing we typically do agree on is Urban Meyer's douchebaggedness. Still, what's he going to say? Bet he also thinks Ohio State will win the B1G and probably likes the Utes chances out in the Pac 12 too!

      • Same here. Quite a few Gators in my life and every one trashes Urban. That dude torched every bridge at UF. Gotta be the only HC to bring a natty to an FBS school, let alone two, who is pretty much universally despised by the fan base.

        • I've seen people ask on these boards, "If Mullen was such a good coach, why wasn't he approached about UF before?"

          There was quite a bit of fallout from Urban's departure. Former players were in and out of headlines for problems with behavior and the law. The team was floundering with an imbalanced roster that would take a few years to rebuild. The shady way Urban took leave of Florida and then landed quickly on his feet at Ohio State.
          I think Mullen, understandably and unfairly, was depicted as fruit of the poisonous tree. The blowback from boosters and alumni for a promising but unproven Mullen possibly failing and somehow perpetuating the Urban Meyer debacle would have been too much.

          Time had to pass to show Mullen could run his own "clean" program as a HC. And Foley had to be replaced as AD. Not saying Foley had anything against Dan, but I bet he grew to find the whole Urban conversation exhausting.

    • I know lol... I always get amused by the fact that 80-90% of the comments on these types of sites are always from Georgia fans! I wonder what that says about their confidence level?

      • For me, it says 3-0, 102-41, and a pretty high confidence level For 2020. Does the same apply for all the Gators who regularly comment on UGA articles?

        Hey, it’s a top national rivalry. Neither side owns the high ground on trash talk.

        • We have facts, Dawg. All they have is narrative.

          I'm just waiting for Sideshow Dan the Clown to open his mouth between now and their Spring Game to start the cycle all over again.

        • Nah... Georgia is more of a regional school. UF doesn’t have any rivalries with other national brands. They are the only national brand on their schedule.

  • LOL. It's funny how people keep forgetting how bad Georgia's offense was last year relative to our talent, and yet, we were still three scores up on Floriduh until Kirby started trading time for points, which the "genius" Sideshow Dan the Clown was only too happy to oblige.

    Our defense is going to be better this year than it was last year, and our "in transition offense," can't possibly be worse this year than it was last year.

    So given the fact that both our defense AND offense will be better, that means this is the "perfect" time for Sideshow Dan to finally beat Kirby, something he hasn't done in three straight years?

    Sure, Corch Meyers. Maybe if Sideshow Dan the Clown had Tim Tivo and Percy Harvey on his offense, maybe then the 'turds would beat us.

    Not this year, though.

    • Man you are so stupid. It is not a fact that your defense and offense are going to be better than last season. It is your opinion.
      Just your stupid opinion

  • Meyer is just putting more pressure on Mullen and Florida.

    Florida has a built in advantage of an easier schedule.

    On paper they have an advantage of a returning starter at QB.

    But Ga's offense had a down year in 2019 and it is very likely going to be better in 2020. The defense will also likely be better.

    Will Florida be better on either side of the ball?

    I hope Mullen keeps talking...

    • Ya...real logical. UGA has to be better but there's serious doubt that UF will be. Solid logic.

    • Dan wasn't talking Urban was. That was what the article is about, maybe you should read it before throwing out the hate

  • The situation with Meyer is complex. It starts with the AD Foley. Florida’s alumni wanted another Natty in football after Billy D’s dominance in basketball. Foley wanted to cement his legacy as an AD. Therefore, Liar Meyer was hired. Meyer treats college athletics as if it were the NFL. Foley knew this before bringing him in and went with the percentages of wins vs longevity. We got the Natty’s but Meyer simply burned out. UF is not Utah and Meyer couldn’t adjust to the microscope at UF compared to the anonymity of Utes land.
    Mullen has the benefit of having a front row seat to the Meyer era. Mullen knows the deal at UF. SOS is a couple of doors down the hallway to remind him. Our future is bright and we’ve came further under CDM than anyone could have imagined. Just get the East first then the SEC title and if it works out this year, awesome!
    Go Gators!

  • This statement is Scum Bag Meyer's way of implying he was the best and applying needless pressure on Mullen. Meyer is a liw life piece of spit.

    • I appreciate the two Natty's won by Meyer teams. I have no respect for the way he checked out with the lies. Heart trouble, headaches, want to spend time with my family, etc. One year later he's coaching in Ohio. I call BS on the whole shootshow he brought to UF.

      • The Cocktail Party is a while away...Oct. 31st I believe & is being hyped this year more than I've seen in a long time. We all know that true Rivalry-Games can go either way, but this one will have to be a real Barn-Burner to be as good as all the hype. Usually is a great game, whoever wins.

        But one thing is for sure...True Gator Fans do not like Urban(even with 2 Nattys). I've read many times that during his last two(2) years there he "checked-out" and did very little. My thinking on Urban is and always was this....He won't stay anywhere very long..and probably his "Dream Job" at Notre Dame will not be his...unless there are drastic changes up there.

        • I’m a true Gator fan and I’ve learned to just let it go. There was good & bad that he brought to the university but any damage he did to the program doesn’t hold a candle to wake of destruction left by Chump & Swamp donkey.

      • OK bud, thanks for your unsolicited opinion stated as a fact. Georgia is full of Nostradumba$$es

  • Urban Liar, please just shut your trap!
    This is Mullen’s team now, not yours.
    As always, the game is 50/50 on who wins. No matter what the rankings are, it is always a toss up.

    • Get out of here with that reasonable take. Didn’t you get the memo you must state your opinion as fact

  • My two cents:

    Urban Meyer is a win at all costs guy who took problem players knowing they were problem players and covered for them when their problems manifested. That said, he's by no means unique, alone, or even in a minority among championship college football coaches in that regard.

    He also has a rarely mentioned talent for walking into excellent preexisting situations: Ron Zook and Jim Tressel each left him with very talented rosters. Meyer is a master recruiter, but he has never done a rebuild.

    I believe Meyer's health problems are real. There is also another more scandalous rumor about why he really left Florida that I won't repeat here because it's never been substantiated as credible (it's popular on FSU message boards). In the final analysis, though, I think Meyer looked at his 2006-2008 roster talent, realized he caught lightning in a bottle that would be hard to replicate with Alabama's rise after 2008, and he ran from the challenge of SEC competition.

    It's understandable that he still had the coaching bug a year later and thought he could manage the headaches, and of course there were millions of dollars involved. What's not understandable is the way he left Florida.

    I don't blame the "Lost Decade" on Meyer. I blame it on Foley. He allowed Florida to fall behind in the facilities arms race and he made two consecutive second tier hires. Muschamp? OK. He was THE hot guy at the time, the head-coach-in-waiting at Texas. And honestly, I was on board with Muschamp until it became evident that he is offensively challenged. I still like the guy.

    But when Muschamp didn't work out, he needed to make a big time hire. Thank goodness he didn't hire Freeze, but I'll never understand the McElwain hire. It baffles me to this day how Foley could have spent several hours with a guy who can barely form complete sentences, and he still hired him to be the face of a blue blood college football program. McElwain is a good game tactician, but comes up short in every other way.

    Back to Meyer. I don't care what he has to say and I don't think his utterances put any pressure on the Gators. He's just another talking head at this point.

    • I agree with 95% of what you stated. I think he goes 1000% at whatever job he’s in, can’t stand losing and because of it will never be able to go more than 5 or 6 years at any one stop. He did inherit really good rosters at both UF & OSU but also upgraded them as well. The same cannot be said for BG & Utah. He turned both of those programs around on a dime.

      The health concerns were legitimate and I think our fan base comes across as petty & silly when they continuously whine about it as the reason stated for leaving. He took a year off and his dream school job opened up... and I guess some feel like it’s too much of a coincidence. Whatever. I went 9 weeks between jobs not long ago and it felt like a friggin eternity.

      He brought unprecedented success to the program. Though there were some flaws that came with it ...I’ve just learned to let it go. It’s just stupid to hang onto all that animosity this long. And ...I feel pretty strongly that the the 2 stooges that came after him did more to harm the program than Meyer ever did.

      • There’s no such thing as a coincidence, he brought us 2 rings with mostly Ron zooks recruits then gave it to us with no lube, met him a few times and every time he was a douche. No love towards him, I’d rather not have the trophy’s than having to deal with him. I can only imagine how Muschamp feels after Florida fans bash him for having the balls to step into that mess. Rumor has it Mullen tried to step in after Meyer but foley denied him.

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