Once again, Urban Meyer has come out of retirement.

This time though, one of the best coaches to ever do it at the collegiate level will be attempting to tackle the game’s highest level, the NFL.

Meyer has officially landed in Jacksonville and for the first time since the franchise advanced to the 2018 AFC Championship Game, the Jaguars have some buzz around the program.

In a recent interview with the team’s media, Meyer shared his first priority as he embarks on his first NFL head coaching job.

“It starts with hiring an elite staff. I’m going to spend so much time on that,” Meyer shared. “We’ve had a lot of success in college and if there’s one strength I have, it’s surrounding myself with really, really great coaches and really great players and we’ll work on that next. Jacksonville deserves an incredible staff, we’re going to do our best to do that.”

After flirting with so many jobs in recent seasons, Meyer has long been rumored to be a candidate at USC and most recently Texas made a run at him to replace Tom Herman, why was this the right job for Meyer?

“Yeah, it had to be perfect. It was something that, this was not a knee jerk reaction, this is something that I’ve been studying for a long time,” Meyer added. “Not necessarily this job, but just the NFL, in particular, and then this one, the opportunity presented itself. Whether it’s watching film, whether it’s studying a roster, whether it’s understanding the salary cap, what we have available to us, the number one pick.

“The fact that I love Jacksonville, I spend a lot of time in Florida, my family loves it here. And then, quite honestly, Duvall and 904 deserve a chance to go win. I’m gonna hire people that want to help the Jaguars win.”

You can check out the full interview with Meyer here, courtesy of the Jaguars.