Tim Tebow continues to progress through Jacksonville Jaguars training camp in his ongoing pursuit to make the regular season roster.

Tebow, 33, has not played in an NFL regular season game since 2012 and has not been on a roster before since 2015. This weekend at Jaguars training camp, Meyer gave an update as to how Tebow’s push for a spot on the 53-man roster is progressing.

“He keeps wanting to do this,” Meyer said, per 247Sports. “He’s got good hands. The drill work is great. When you get in the competitive moment, just lack of experience, he wants to body the ball. And when you get into the point where two people are going after it, you’ve got to get the ball. So he’s fighting through that a little bit, but he’s got the skill set to catch the ball.”

It appears that the heat will be turned up on Tebow and others, as they look to pare the roster down.

“(Competition is) alive and well and the reality of 90 players is that you’re going knock it down to 53, that’s reality,” Meyer said, per CBS Sports. “I had a chat with the team about that and I think I want to take the subjectivity out of it. It’s a little bit like when we had Joe Burrow and Dwayne Haskins (at Ohio State), my gosh (they are) two first-round draft picks. It’s not fair to a player to not have objectiveness in there and that means charting everything.

“Nothing’s competitive yet. So, starting Monday, we are going to try to take the subjectivity out of who plays and who makes the team.”