The turnaround from last year to this year at Florida is nothing short of incredible, and a big part of that change is new coach Dan Mullen.

Mullen has reignited the passion in Gator Nation, and in the Gators’ locker room. Following a big win over LSU though, he stressed the importance of not letting the 5-1 record go to their head.

As you can see in the video below, Mullen hilariously explains how narrow the gap is between winning and losing:

“When you walk on campus today, everybody’s patting you on the back,” he said. “Only about six inches lower and they’re kicking you in the rear end, right? It’s about that much difference. I like the pat on the back more than the kick in the rear end, so let’s keep working to keep it six inches higher.”

The Gators travel to Vanderbilt this weekend before a bye week. Then, a huge game in Jacksonville looms against No. 2 Georgia. We’ll see if the Gators can keep getting those pats on the back moving forward.