WVU fans clamoring over former UF QB Will Grier following spring game


Remember former Gators’ QB Will Grier?

After a promising first half of the 2015 season, he was sidelined due to NCAA rules violations concerning an over-the-counter supplement containing a banned substance. After a puzzling dismissal from Florida, the former Gator now finds himself in the Mountain State, where he is making a run at West Virginia’s quarterback job.

Mountaineer fans are turning the Gators loss into their gain, and they’re developing a bit of a man crush on Grier along the way. His 12-of-18, 202-yard passing day at their spring game only added to the hype.

It started pregame with some love for the QBs flow, and it continued from there:


There’s even a Twitter account for his 2017 Heisman campaign:

Some Florida fans, however, are less than happy about this development.

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  • How many consecutive days will Texas and Oklahoma go without testing him. That story about an over the counter source, didn’t convince anybody in the NCAA so you’re not revising history here either. If Grier tests positive again the Big 12 will probably make WVU forfeit every conf. game he played in, even if the NCAA doesn’t. Finally Coach D.H. can recruit decent quarterbacks in every class, with or without Grier. So good luck to all involved and if he had a big day at WVU, more power to him, but I will be convinced only when he contends for the Big 12, gets to a big bowl, while passing a complete drug test array every week.

  • Doesn’t he still have to miss something like 6 games to serve out the remainder of his suspension?

    • Not sure, we were all confused about that. It was a calendar year suspension, from Mid-October 2015 to Mid October 2016. But it was also stated that tranferring schools carries the normal one year sit out rule and they cannot be served concurrently.

      Therefore, one would think he has to sit until Mid-October this year to finish the one year calendar suspension since 2016 was his transfer year.

      I am not 100% sure, but that is what I THOUGHT was supposed to happen with him. He could have played for us last year had he stayed.

      • Yeah, as I understand it he will still have to sit until midway through the season. I wonder if he wishes he would have stuck around Florida now with the way last season went with Del Rio?