It’s Cocktail Party time, and this one is a big one. Both Florida and Georgia are serious Playoff contenders and the winner of this game will have a clear path to Atlanta with everything still in play. The loser will have a clear path back home to a very upset fan base.

But who should you root for in this classic rivalry? We put together a list of 20 reasons why it’s better to be a Georgia fan than a Florida fan. Sorry Gators fans, you can find your list here.

1. You don’t have to wear orange

Nobody looks good in orange.

2. You know what it’s like to go to the College Football Playoff

Gators fans just know what it’s like to watch it on TV.

3. You never hired Jim McElwain

Truly something to be proud of.

4. The greatest coach in your program’s history didn’t leave you to coach the worst NFL team

Those Washington Redskins teams were really fun to watch if you spent the previous decade hating Spurrier and Florida.

5. Athens has a fall, winter, and spring

Gainesville just has different versions of summer.

6. You never watched your team lose to Georgia Southern

Gators fans definitely can’t say this.

7. Your coach knows how to recruit

Dan Mullen … ehhh, not so much.

8. You don’t have to pretend Tim Tebow is a good baseball player

“Wow did you see Tebow is batting .222 against Double-A pitching? I knew he made the right choice” — not Georgia fans

9. You don’t do a Gator chomp to the Jaws theme song

Are you gators? Are you a shark? Pick one, you can’t be both.

10. You’ve got the best kicker in the country

As long as it’s not in overtime vs. South Carolina.

11. Your quarterback didn’t ride the bench in high school

Imagine placing your national championship hopes behind a former high school backup. Couldn’t be Georgia fans.

12. Your coach doesn’t look like Cousin Eddy from Vacation! 

That one is just too easy.

13. This moment never gets old

14. You’ve had more than 1 good quarterback this decade

Meanwhile Florida has had Will Grier for a few games and … that’s about it.

15. You don’t run into Florida Man on a daily basis

We all know everything crazy in this country happens in Florida. Just another reason not to be a Gators fan.

16. After the Cocktail Party is over, you get to leave

Gators fans just stay, or drive an hour home and wait until next year.

17. You don’t live in a town where the nicest restaurant is Hooters

In Gainesville, a dinner at Hooters is date night.

18. The words to your fight song are much easier to remember

Do Gators fans even know the words to their own fight song?

19. You never had a quarterback go on to have a much more successful career on The Bachelor

Hi, Jesse Palmer.

20. You don’t have to wear jorts to fit in

Jorts — also known as Gainesville Chinos.