A total of six Georgia players have been arrested this off-season, with the most recent being LBs Robert Beal and Brenton Cox. The two were arrested on marijuana charges Tuesday.

Along with Beal and Cox, Latavious Brini (simple battery), Jaden Hunter (suspended driver’s license), Tyrique Stevenson (disorderly conduct) and Tyler Simmons (bar fight) were also arrested this off-season.

Kirby Smart recently was asked about all the issues, and he shouldered the blame, saying that he’s done “a poor job with this group of connecting.”

247Sports’ Kipp Adams caught up with former UGA QB Aaron Murray, who commented on the off-the-field issues.

“I am sure there are rules that state if you do this, this, or this, then it is a morning run. If you do this, this or this, you get suspended for a game or kicked off the team,” Murray told Adams. “I think those rules are in place and everyone knows. Whatever coach is dealing with these incidences, as long as he is sticking to what he says he is going to do – if you are arrested and that means it is a one-game suspension, you are getting a one-game suspension. It does not matter who you are.”

Murray knows from a player’s perspective, a coach has to stick to his guns or he’ll lose respect from some in the locker room.

“As long as you stick to your guns as a coach, I think guys will respect that,” Murray said. “Guys have to learn, people say these kids are 18-19 years old, if they want to be treated like men they have to act like men.”

Six off-season arrests is quite a bit, and it’s only April. Hopefully, for Smart’s sake, he’ll get this figured out sooner rather than later.