Tim Tebow knows to give credit where credit is due. Two weeks ago, the SEC Network analyst opined that Georgia fans were missing Jim Chaney due to the issues on offense under new coordinator James Coley. On Saturday, Tebow had praise for Coley and the UGA offense coming off the Bulldogs’ win over Florida in Jacksonville.

“I want to give a lot of credit to James Coley, because this was the first game plan I’ve seen from him where they really had the defense on its heels,” Tebow said on “SEC Nation” from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “Jake Fromm was playing with so much confidence. On third down, he knew exactly where to go. He knew what the coverage was. He knew what the blitz was. He was playing with confidence and they gave him the controls to run it for 60 minutes. That’s why they were so successful.”

On the Oct. 26 episode of “SEC Nation,” Tebow had been critical of Coley when discussing Georgia’s issues on offense:

“It starts with play-calling. I think you have to put the defense on their heels. You have to take shots. You have to spread it out. On first down, it doesn’t have to be a dive run every time. Be able to be versatile. Be able to be mobile. The guy that they lost (former offensive coordinator Jim Chaney) that’s now down the street at Tennessee, they’re probably looking at him now saying, ‘Wow – we didn’t appreciate him as much as we probably should have.’”

Georgia fans will be hoping to see Coley call another good game on Saturday night. The Bulldogs are currently in the SEC East driver’s seat and are looking to notch another SEC win with Missouri in town. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.