Booger McFarland has said that he would prefer to be on the side of the losing team from the first game coming into a rematch, but the national championship offers a unique twist this year.

McFarland was a guest on “The Tony Kornheiser Show” podcast on Wednesday, and shared his thoughts about the Alabama-Georgia matchup.

“The motivation to show up for Georgia is at an all-time high,” McFarland said. “Now my question, Tony, is really simple. Do we think that Stetson Bennett can beat Nick Saban? I personally don’t, I don’t think that Nick Saban does, but it really doesn’t matter, because Stetson Bennett has to think that he can win, and Kirby Smart has to think that he can win. We’ll see. I think right now the fact that Vegas has Georgia as a slight favorite is a disservice to Georgia. Because Alabama, even though they beat Georgia by 20 points, is going to play the underdog card. So again motivation. Even though Alabama won by 20, they still have the motivation of being the underdog.”

Because both teams are motivated for different reasons, McFarland expects a fabulous national championship game.