Stetson Bennett has played in 9 of No. 1 Georgia’s 10 games, but ESPN’s Chris Fowler still expects to see JT Daniels play for the Bulldogs before the 2021 campaign comes to a close.

Fowler appeared on “The Paul Finebaum Show” Friday.

“How can you not be impressed?” Fowler said of Georgia. “I mean, to me, they’re a cut above everybody else. They’ll be about a field-goal favorite in Atlanta if they are playing the Tide and nothing changes between now and then, and that sounds about right.”

The Dawgs clinched the SEC East with Bennett as the team’s quarterback, but Fowler thinks Daniels will play in the postseason.

“I still think that JT Daniels is going to have to play a role in there at some point,” Fowler told Finebaum. “To come in and as good as (Stetson) Bennett has been, as steady as he’s been, I just feel Daniels is going to play a role somewhere whether it’s in Atlanta or the Playoff or wherever. Georgia’s just so hard to stand in against for 4 quarters. People have adrenaline, they go in there and they think they can hang with the Dawgs and they can’t. Not for 4 quarters, nobody’s come close yet. I can’t wait to see that game in Atlanta.”