Asked about the SEC East for the upcoming season, ESPN and SEC Network analyst Cole Cubelic sees one team head and shoulders above the rest.

Cubelic made a recent appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” and shared insights on why he feels that way.

“I think it’s Georgia’s to lose, Paul,” Cubelic said. “I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I see another team that really is going to be very close. Georgia’s got the best defensive line in college football returning. I know there’s holes in the secondary. Good, talented offensive line, Coach Luke will have those guys back ready. Washington at tight end, big physical target that can help you do different things. You got all kind of weapons at wide receiver with Burton and Pickens back, I think that group’s going to be phenomenal. And now you know who your quarterback is.”

That may be the ultimate key, especially with how last season played out and the constant questions about who would play quarterback, and which player is healthy and ready.

“Last year it was can we just get by with this walk-on while we wait for our real starter to be healthy. Do we want to keep another quarterback on the roster?,” Cubelic said. “Now Coach Monken can go through this entire offseason knowing exactly who his guy is and exactly what that offense is going to look like. Paul I might have Georgia as my No. 1 team in college football heading into the season and I’m not sure there’s going to be a team even close to them in the SEC East.”

Then he offered a reason why last year’s SEC East champion, Florida, may drop down more than one spot.

“I do think Kentucky is going to take some big steps,” Cubelic said. “They may finally have a guy with some juice on the outside. Quarterback Beau Allen’s getting it down the field a little bit better than they’ve had with Terry Wilson in the past. Explosive running back with Chris Rodriguez. You only lose Drake Jackson on the offensive line, and Brad White is the most underrated defensive coordinator in the league and he’s got the majority of that group back on that side of the ball. So I think it’s Georgia, then maybe Kentucky or Florida, but I still think it’s a big step down to those next two.”