Dan Patrick discussed the national championship win for Georgia extensively on his Tuesday program that’s syndicated on radio and streamed on Peacock.

Patrick highlighted Stetson Bennett’s fourth-quarter fumble, and then Georgia’s response after Alabama scored.

“They were the better team last night,” Patrick said, and then shifted back to Bennett. “It looked like he was overwhelmed, it looked like the moment was too big for him. Credit to him, because he doesn’t lack confidence.”

Patrick then raised a concern he had about Alabama’s coaching staff, and cited Bill O’Brien and Doug Marrone as 2 former NFL coaches.

“This is what I didn’t understand … It just didn’t seem like #Bama did anything different, Georgia made changes with what happened the last time and they were really putting pressure on Bryce Young. But I didn’t think Alabama did anything unique. No trick plays, I know they lost (Jameson) Williams, probably to a torn ACL. It just didn’t feel like it was a great Alabama offense there.”

Patrick added that Bryce Young has a lot of class, but that the Heisman Trophy winner ultimately didn’t play well.