Be alert.

The Jacob Eason hype train is on the track and running at full speed following Saturday’s spring game.

SEC Network analyst Anthony “Booger” McFarland has apparently hopped on the train and is making a good case for being the conductor with some of the tweets he sent out on Monday morning.

McFarland claims that Eason may already be the SEC’s best passer:

Don’t get us wrong, we all enjoyed the debut of the five-star signee at Saturday’s G-Day.

Eason finished the spring game, which was played in front of 93,000 excited Georgia fans, with 244 yards passing and a touchdown after completing 19 of 29 attempts.

It was impressive, but let’s not get carried away.

The true freshman has yet to throw a pass in live conference play. He was under no fear of being hit by the friendly fire of the Bulldogs defense, and he wasn’t exactly seeing the complex blitz packages he can expect opposing teams to throw at him this fall.

But to be fair to McFarland, he did say “passer” and not “quarterback”, which was his out on Twitter when Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly was brought up as a rebuttal to him comment.

There’s a chance that McFarland will turn out to be correct in his assessment, but let’s see Eason win the Bulldogs starting job and show his skills in a real game before we anoint him the prince of the SEC QB fraternity.