It appears the Georgia Bulldogs did not do much to impress LSU coach Ed Orgeron in this month’s SEC Championship Game.

At Monday’s Peach Bowl press conference in Atlanta, Orgeron was asked about the best teams the Tigers have faced this year. Here’s how the exchange went, per the official transcript:

Q. On the best team LSU has played.
ED ORGERON: Who’s the best team we’ve played? I’ve got to say Alabama. Alabama, Auburn, Florida. Those three guys were very good.

LSU beat Georgia 37-10 in the SEC Championship Game. The other three schools managed to hang closer with the Tigers. Auburn came closest, falling only 23-20. Alabama, which Orgeron appears to designate as the best of the bunch, lost 46-41. Florida lost 42-28 at Tiger Stadium on Oct. 12. In terms of margin of victory, Mississippi State (36-13) and Ole Miss (58-37) also managed to be in closer games with LSU than UGA.

Orgeron was complimentary of the Bulldogs ahead of the SEC Championship Game, calling them the most physical team LSU would play:

Q. Ed, when you look at Georgia, just the overall physicality, just what kind of jumps out at you? Kind of where do they stack up this year?
ED ORGERON: This is the most physical team we’ve played. I think this is the most complete team on both line of scrimmages, on offensive line and defensive line. They like to hit. They play fast. Their running back hits the hole to make you miss. Quarterback makes some great decisions. But it all starts with their defense. They’re only giving up ten points per game. They’re very stingy.

Orgeron is 2-0 against Georgia as LSU’s head coach. The Tigers beat the Bulldogs 36-16 in 2018.