One of the most talked about issues in the fallout of Georgia’s loss against South Carolina is how much the loss will affect the Bulldogs’ chances of making the College Football Playoff. On “Get Up” on ESPN, Dan Orlovsky and Paul Finebaum debated the issue.

“Listen, you can’t argue Supreme Court precedent when you’re arguing about the College Football Playoff, but there’s at least five other times when we’ve had similar situations,” Finebaum said. “The most important thing to remember here is Georgia’s schedule. They control their own destiny. I know people hate to hear that word. But should Georgia win out, you can look at it right there, they will get to the College Football Playoff. Because they will end up playing Alabama or LSU in the SEC Championship Game, that will get them in. They are a mortal lock to get in the playoffs, if they win out.”

Orlovsky, who was in the broadcast booth for the South Carolina-Georgia game, said he believes Georgia is “done.”

“They were, in many ways, exposed on the outside,” Orlovsky said. “A lot of people are talking like they got beat up, up front. I didn’t see that. But they don’t have the receivers outside right now, and all South Carolina did was line up and play man-to-man coverage. Georgia’s very young at receiver right now and they didn’t do anything as a coaching staff to help those young receivers and they just couldn’t win man. If I’m Auburn, if I’m Florida, I’m going, ‘OK, we can handle Georgia.'”