Maybe they should rename “Notre Dame Stadium” to “Sanford Stadium North.”

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Many Georgia fans made the trek to South Bend, Indiana to support the Bulldogs last Saturday. The UGA faction certainly made their presence felt and were treated to a 20-19 victory for their trip.

Unfortunately for Notre Dame fans, the UGA takeover was not a pleasant one and left a bad taste in the mouth of Irish fans everywhere. The South Bend Tribune even published a handful of letters written by Irish faithful disgusted with their own fans and alumni over the weak crowd Saturday.

Wayne Troiola of South Bend was disappointed to see the “true colors” of Irish fans:

Once again, 17 years later, Irish “fans” show their true colors… I walk into our stadium and see more red than I care to even think about again…I have always considered it a privilege to have Notre Dame season football tickets, especially for the big games such as this one. I am embarrassed and appalled.

Phil MacGregor, also of South Bend, believes fans who sold their tickets to the game should feel ashamed:

This letter is addressed to the lame Notre Dame ticket holders who sold out to the Georgia football fans. What a disgrace to see nearly one-third of the stadium in red rather than Irish blue and gold…Was their monetary gain worth the obvious slap in the face of the Notre Dame football team and their true fans? There isn’t any control over “sellouts,” but they should be ashamed.

The UGA fans who decided to make the trip will certainly not forget it for a long time. Dedicated Irish fans, however, are left with another disappointment.

You can read all of the letters here.