The way Cole Cubelic tells it, we may not have seen the last of George Pickens in a Georgia uniform.

It’s going to take some time for Pickens to work his way back onto the field but it’s important to remember that even Kirby Smart left the door open for his star receiver to potentially return to the field at some point during the upcoming season.

Cubelic was in Athens last weekend calling Georgia’s 2021 G-Day Spring Game for the SEC Network and based on what he recently shared with Mike Griffith of DawgNation, it appears the analyst picked up some information regarding the Bulldogs’ standout receiver.

According to Cubelic, Pickens is working to return to the field this season and the expectation is that if all goes according to plan, the junior will see the field at some point in 2021.

“George wants to come back. Georgia’s coaching staff wants him to come back, this year, this season,” Cubelic said on DawgNation’s On The Beat show. “So, you look at that schedule, Mike, I’m not telling you anything (you don’t already know). You get past Clemson, and hell, even if you don’t, you shouldn’t lose another game before the postseason.

“So, let’s just say he comes back — I think it’s Tennessee, Charleston Southern, Georgia Tech — what if he went, you know, 10-12 plays, 15-20 plays, 25-30 plays. Well, and all of a sudden, he’s ready for the postseason conditioning-wise, comfort level, all of that.”

Interestingly, Cubelic offered up the idea that Pickens returning for the final few games of the season may ultimately work out to Georgia’s advantage by the time the postseason rolls around.

“Well, there’s not a bunch of film on him in the offense for people to go be able to say, ‘Okay, in this formation, we’re taking this route away. When he’s lined up here, he’s running this.’ Just not gonna have a ton of it,” Cubelic continued. “Not enough, I don’t think, to truly get, you know guy’s tendencies. So, you add that to an offense that’s probably already pretty good for the home stretch. That could be really dangerous.”