In the murky world of college football recruiting, it’s sometimes hard to keep all the rules straight.

On Friday, the Georgia Bulldogs self-reported a minor rules violation, which occurred when an staff member made unauthorized contact with someone involved with a potential recruit.

According to, Georgia explained the violation — which happened sometime in 2017 — in detail, but without naming the assistant coach or the staff member:

“An assistant football coach informed a non-coaching staff member that he had spoken to a high school coach regarding the academic standing of a (prospective student-athlete) and the high school coach would be calling for additional details. The staff member missed several calls from the high school coach and returned the high school coach’s call to discuss the (prospective student-athlete) initial eligibility standing.”

According to the report, the SEC issued a punishment forbidding the staff member from contacting the recruit or anyone associated with him for 30 days. The entire Georgia program must also avoid contact with the recruit for a full week.