You can’t believe everything you see or read on the Internet, you know. (I’m talking to myself, too).

A new photo surfaced from the Bulldogs’ Barstool Sports Twitter account Thursday that suggested the Bulldogs might have another potential uniform combo up their sleeves this season. The photo was allegedly shared on Snapchat by an employee who works in the UGA equipment office, and it shows a matte black helmet with a red uniform. However,’s Radi Nabulsi confirmed the helmet to be fake with sources inside the program.

And judging by some of the responses, Georgia fans are more than happy with it being fake.

Uniforms are just one of the aspects in the Arms Race of college football.

Players and high school prospects absolutely love it when teams unveil new or alternate threads (and helmets) during the season. Fans and alumni sometimes take issue with changing traditional uniforms, but if it means getting more talent in the program, it’s usually a positive tradeoff.

Although it was a glossy black lid, Georgia wore the following against Florida in 2009. The Bulldogs lost 41-17.