Georgia fans went wild following the team’s first national title win since 1980.

The Bulldogs defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide 33-18 Monday night in the College Football Playoff national championship, and immediately following the game, some Georgia fans rushed the field to celebrate with the team.

One fan was able to elude police to start, but he ended up leaving the field in handcuffs and escorted off by police once he was apprehended.’s Patrick Greenfield caught the action on video, as Georgia fans loudly cheered the man.

Several Georgia fans exiting the tunnel in handcuffs, and one of them spoke to a CBS Sports reporter.

“Forty-one years. One hundred percent worth it.”

UPDATE: Apparently the fan who rushed the field was a former Georgia player, walk-on QB Ben Wilson. He also was not arrested, but rather placed in a holding cell inside Lucas Oil Stadium.