Week 4 of the college football season is here and we finally get the nonconference matchup we’ve all been waiting for: Notre Dame at Georgia. The winner gets an inside track in the race to the Playoff, and the loser will undoubtedly have to endure a ton of jokes at their expense.

We know that pregame trash talk is as much a part of the fan experience as anything else, and that’s why we want to make it easier for Georgia fans.

So we’re providing you with all the trash-talking you’ll need to get through game week. Feel free to steal these one-liners and use them on message boards, social media, signs on College Gameday, or wherever else you might need to. Notre Dame fans, you’re used to being made fun of, so this should be easy for you.

1. What do Brian Kelly teams and Santa Claus have in common? They both disappear in January.

2. Notre Dame: The only team other than the Dolphins to know what it’s like to get blown out in Hard Rock Stadium.

3. 90% of the people who watch Notre Dame games are just people who fell asleep during Saturday morning infomercials and accidentally left NBC playing.

4. One cool Notre Dame tradition is that every few years, the team wears their famous green uniforms. Another cool tradition is that once every few years, Notre Dame gets blown out in a big game on national television and gets made fun of for years.

5. Other notable Notre Dame traditions include: their famous fight song, Touchdown Jesus, and coming to a crushing realization that they’re nowhere close to as good as they thought they were.

6. Here’s what it would sound like if someone recommended Notre Dame football to a friend: “Have you seen Notre Dame? It’s pretty good, except for the past 30 seasons where nothing happens.”

7. Ian Book is about to get hit so much by this Georgia defense that he’ll have to change his name to Ian Pamphlet.

8. Here’s the life cycle of every Notre Dame quarterback:

  • Get called the best high school QB in America
  • Sign at Notre Dame and become a fan favorite
  • Replace the struggling starter
  • Play just as bad if not worse for 2 years
  • Get replaced by a freshman
  • Either transfer or get drafted in the 7th round

9. Rudy was offsides.

10. And this was a good and correct call.

11. The town of South Bend was named after what happens to their defense every time they play an SEC team.

12. Notre Dame doesn’t paint its end zone because it knows no one will ever see it on TV when they’re on offense.

13. There’s no Facebook post of Notre Dame winning a title.

14. We won’t make a Manti Te’o girlfriend joke because they’re old and played out, but it is important to know that Notre Dame only scored 3 more points than her in the Playoff last year.

15. Notre Dame football used to be good … but then the forward pass was invented.

16. Why is Georgia playing Notre Dame in Athens when Georgia just played them at home 2 years ago?

17. The Irish play half an ACC schedule, which makes sense considering the ACC is barely half a conference.

18. Notre Dame’s biggest rivals are USC, Michigan, Michigan State and any sort of expectations whatsoever.

19. Notre Dame is like the Yankees of college football…if the Yankees hadn’t won anything in 30 years and only exist to take away playoff spots from real teams.

20. Oh and don’t forget this: