Though Alabama’s quarterback battle is drawing national headlines, Georgia has a mini-battle of its own going on.

Sophomore Jake Fromm and 5-star freshman Justin Fields are competing for the job, and while Fromm will almost certainly start, Fields could work his way into significant playing time, too.

However, during a conference call on Friday, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit said Georgia coach Kirby Smart should be careful with how he handles Fromm (via 247Sports):

“What’s going to happen at Georgia, you’ve got a guy in Jake Fromm who led them to the National Championship,” he said. “They were inches away from winning it with a true freshman quarterback, and that kid has the it factor. You can maybe find a taller guy or a faster guy or a guy with a stronger arm, but as far as an it factor, Jake Fromm has that. And if you’re going to put in Justin Fields, you’d better be very, very careful with how you put him in and when you put him in because I would not want to mess with Jake Fromm, who was kind of the leader of that team and did great things for them.”

Fromm led the Dawgs to the National Championship Game last season after starter Jacob Eason went down with an injury, so he probably deserves to start this season.

However, he knows as well as anyone that you have to produce to keep your job, and Fields will likely be pushing for more playing time as the season goes on.