Tim Cearley, Georgia’s Associate AD for Tickets, has worked at the university for 20 years. But nothing in that time has matched the demand for this week’s game against Notre Dame.

“Over that 20 years, I’ve gotten to know a lot of people who’ve found my cell phone, emails and followed up,” Tim Cearley said on WSB’s Bulldogs Game Day. “So there’s a lot of interest. Notre Dame’s taken their full allotment, so with that and being sold out on season tickets, there are none to be had.”

Secondary ticket markets have reported individual tickets going for $200 and up, and Georgia students have said the market is higher than that. Other anecdotal social media markets have suggested that the market begins in the several hundred dollar range.

On StubHub by Monday afternoon, many of the cheapest tickets were at least $300. However, the best value, according to the site, was more than $400 and in some cases above $500.

This is a market to watch, especially on Saturday leading up to the 8 p.m. ET kickoff for the game that will be aired on CBS.