Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson was asked about a scandal in his own conference, and managed to diss UGA coach Kirby Smart and implied the Bulldogs were on the receiving end of some valuable leaks.

Johnson was asked at a Tuesday media opportunity about the scandal nicknamed Wakeyleaks, in which Tommy Elrod, a former Wake Forest staffer turned color commentator, was leaking game plan information to opposing coaching staffs. In his answer, Johnson took some direct shots at Georgia and Smart.

“In fact, our last game, didn’t the guy from Georgia say they knew that the throwback was coming?” Johnson said to media members, per Dawg Nation. “That’s pretty good, since we hadn’t run it all year.”

On 3rd-and-Goal with less than a minute remaining in the game, Georgia Tech ran a play that looked like it was intended to be a throwback pass to the quarterback. The Bulldog defense had the quarterback covered, and RB Qua Searcy instead tucked the ball and ran for the game-winning touchdown, giving Georgia Tech the 28-27 victory in Athens.

Smart’s postgame comments vary from how Johnson remembered them.

“That’s one of their toughest plays. We repped that play all week,” Smart said, with no mention of knowing that the play was coming. It is interesting, however, that Georgia prepared for a play that Johnson says the Yellow Jackets had not run all season.

It will be interesting to see how Smart takes the “that guy from Georgia” diss along with the bigger accusation of having access to a leaked play.