What’s better than playing football? Playing real-life video games, maybe?

The Georgia Bulldogs are making sure the culture and vibes are in check, on and off the field. Recently, they turned their equipment facility into a full-on Mario Kart course.

Wide receiver AD Mitchell and defensive back Dan Jackson tried their hands at this masterpiece of a game in the equipment room at Georgia’s facility:

Helmets, cleats, and players’ lockers are the framework for this video game in real life with remote-controlled cars that add more to the experience, among other road obstructions.

On the game itself, Mitchell said: “I feel like this game was against me, from the jump.”

Jackson ended up squeaking by with a win and took the crown for the race.

If there happens to ever be a random Mario Kart challenge, you better come prepared. Just like Dan Jackson did against AD Mitchell … you never know.