It’s a round number anniversary, so Georgia has put together a project this year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its 1980 national championship.

Herschel Walker and his dumptruck run over Tennessee’s Bill Bates, then Buck Belue’s famous pass to Lindsay Scott are among the all-time highlights listed in a clip distributed by the athletics department. The 1980 Championship Central which will launch on Tuesday.

Georgia broadcaster Jeff Dantzler will host a podcast series entitled “40 for 80 -The Sweetest Season” where he will chronicle the Bulldogs’ march towards the Championship, and be joined by players and coaches who were there to take you behind the scenes on each week’s game. It will be available as part of the Georgia Bulldogs Pawdcast platform, on other podcast platforms, or on

Dantzler will also author a weekly article for The 1980 Championship Central on and in each home football game program that will chronicle unique backstories and memories from the magical 1980 season.

The project will also showcase nine episodes of “The Vince Dooley Show” from the 1980 season. A new one will drop each week, with Dooley himself taking you through each week’s game.

With Georgia’s history, there were predictable replies to the tweet.