Most elite college football programs have an indoor practice facility. Soon, the Georgia Bulldogs will have one of their own.

According to, coach Kirby Smart hopes the team will be able to use the facility soon, but it likely won’t be ready for full practices until next year:

“We’re trying to get to where we can do some walk-throughs in there,” Smart said. “We can’t practice in there. They don’t have everything complete, but we hope to be able to use it just for inclement weather and things like that. And they’re working with us, the construction people.”

Junior TE Jeb Blazevich added that the facility will also help with recruiting, so opponents can no longer point to the absence of an indoor practice facility as a negative for the Bulldogs:

“To see that finally come to fruition, it’s awesome,” Blazevich said. “We need one. Especially playing in the SEC, especially in recruiting, and just getting through practices.”

Next summer, Smart and the players may be looking for any excuse possible to move practice indoors to their brand-new facility.