Greg Sankey is so used to the SEC reaching the national championship, he’s not sure what it’s like without a team playing for the trophy.

After Georgia beat Ohio State in the Peach Bowl on Saturday, Sankey, the SEC commissioner, reflected on the latest accomplishment.

“At the beginning of the fourth quarter — I’ve never been to the national championship without a team,” Sankey said on Sirius XM. “We’ve got 2 teams twice, and it wasn’t looking like — it wasn’t looking great. So to have the outcome we have, and to have a team with us, is what we expect, it’s what we want. Credit to Ohio State, that was a great football game, but it means a great deal, it means more, as we say.”

Sankey pointed out that the SEC is the only conference to have 3 different teams win championships, and also have 2 teams play in the national championship game, and added, “We’re the conference that’s won the most. So we’ve got yet another opportunity and I think that’s the expectation we’ve set. … We want to play high-level football, that’s the challenge we have.”