Herschel Walker weighed in on Georgia’s outlook in Atlanta on Saturday as the Bulldogs legend offered his unique perspective on Friday morning.

Walker made an appearance on WSB Radio in Atlanta and shared his thoughts on the game.

“What I’d like to see is Georgia continue to play like they’ve been playing,” Walker said. “I think they’ve got to take this game as another game and go out and do their thing, not put a lot of pressure on themselves, because the season is still not over. This is a very, very big game, because this is the beginning of the rest of their season. What I mean by that is the Playoffs start. They’ve gotten through the tough times, now it’s time to start playing. And you’re starting out with a very, very tough team.”

Walker explained what Georgia needs to focus on.

“Alabama has had some tough times, but everybody knows Coach (Nick) Saban is an incredible coach, they’ve got some incredible players, but what Georgia’s got to do is continue to go out there and do what they’ve been doing all year,” Walker said. “Not worry about anything but playing this game right here, and everything else will fall into place, because they’ve got the team to do it.”

Walker said the Georgia defense is incredible, and the offense continues to control the game.

“That’s what they’ve got to do in this game here,” Walker said.

Walker was also asked about Georgia’s running game against the Alabama defense.

“I think the Dawgs can go out and run the ball,” he said. “One thing they talk about is how great their defense is, they don’t realize that Georgia has a running game. They’ve got a group of running backs that can move the ball. They’ve got some great quarterbacks and I think that’s going to play a part in this game, and I think right now the offense is going to have to be the deciding factor, because the defense is going to play. But the offense has got to go out and show that they can score on this defense and I think other people have shown that they can do it and I think Georgia’s got to do the same thing. But it’s not going to be as easy as people think. Alabama’s got a good team, but this team here I think is not intimidated by anyone and I think they’re looking forward to it.”