Jack Sawyer is among those Ohio State Buckeyes who are not buying into the notion that they’re not underdogs against Georgia even though the betting line is nearly a touchdown ahead of Saturday’s Peach Bowl.

“I think we got advantages across the board on both sides of the ball, and we just gotta go out there and execute,” Sawyer said Wednesday at a Peach Bowl press conference.

Teammate Tommy Eichenberg echoed Sawyer’s comments when he was asked where Ohio State has advantages.

“Everywhere,” he said. “I think it just comes down to all of us just doing our job. And if we do that, we have a really good chance.”

Lathan Ransom joined the chorus, and added, “Yeah, I agree. I think it just comes down to doing your job and executing at the highest level, and I think we should be fine.”

These comments begin at the 14:40 mark below: