The hype has already begun for Tua Tagovailoa in anticipation for the 2020 NFL Draft, and we don’t even know if he’s going to declare early for that draft. “Tank for Tua” is already a hashtag and many NFL fans are hoping their team punts on taking a quarterback in the upcoming draft in order to position themselves to potentially land the signal caller from Tuscaloosa.

While the hype for Tagovailoa isn’t going away, there is a growing segment of people warming to the idea of Jake Fromm being a first-round selection when the 2020 NFL Draft rolls around — that is, if he decides to leave Georgia early following his junior season.

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report is willing to go one step further and declare Fromm is higher on his list than Tua at this point in their careers. The NFL Draft analyst was a recent guest on the Saturday Down South Podcast and offered up his take on the two future NFL prospects.

“I’m higher on Jake Fromm (than Tagovailoa). I honestly am. I love Tua. I love watching Tua play, but with him, I worry about arm strength a little bit. I worry about how long he holds the ball in the pocket,” Miller said on the podcast. “Obviously being banged up this year made it tough to get a good evaluation of him because by the time I really started watching not just to enjoy the game or to break down the college aspect of it, he was hurt. It was hard to watch. They’re almost polar opposites.

Jake Fromm is almost more of a game manager. He beats you with his mind and he’s really accurate. I got a chance to watch him in person against LSU, which was probably the worst game he’s ever played in his life, but then he bounced back so well the week after. That was really big to me…you’re never going to watch him and be like, ‘Oh my God, he has a great arm or he’s this fantastic athlete.’ But he’s so smart, and he’s so poised and he can beat you in a lot of different ways.

“I think with Tua, Tua is more of what we saw from like a Baker Mayfield or even this year, he’s definitely not as fast as Kyler Murray, but his ability to extend the play — just string things out, to drift, drift, drift and pick you apart — and the power aspect of what he does as a runner is pretty fun as well.

“I’m higher on Jake Fromm. If I had to put out the list today, it would be Jake Fromm, Tua, Justin Herbert, then Jacob Eason.”