One of the more interesting topics surrounding college football team schedules this year was the matchup between Georgia and Oregon.

And it was definitely one that college football analyst Joel Klatt had a lot of questions about regarding agreeing to it based on where the location was and simply seeing how this could be a good idea by any stretch of the imagination given where Georgia was as a program when the initial decision was made.

The game marks Oregon’s only loss of the season as the Ducks remain potential contenders for the College Football Playoff. And the team fell hard in that one with a final score of 49-3 in Georgia’s favor.

“Scheduling matters a great deal,” Klatt said. “It might be one of the only things that matter. College football has become about recruiting and scheduling… “There was no reason and no benefit to playing that game.”

How the season plays out for both teams down the final stretch will be something to keep watch over as the Bulldogs are favored to be the top seed in the CFP while it remains to be seen whether or not Oregon will make it in.