Joel Klatt has taken a new perspective on the top team in college football, and noted on his podcast this week that Georgia has taken over the mantle from Alabama. The Bulldogs are now the team asked about taking them or the field, as Klatt suggests as the ongoing September narrative.

Is it Georgia or the field?

“Judging by the way they’ve played early this season, a conference game, a ranked matchup against Oregon, I’m taking Georgia,” Klatt said. “They have looked that good.”

Klatt then ticked off all the reasons Georgia is No. 1, including a deep and talented defense, an improved offense, including better players on the outside and improved quarterback play.

“They have something that the other teams at Georgia haven’t had,” Klatt said. “And that is confidence. Here’s what it boils down to, Georgia is playing like a team that doesn’t just think that they’re really good, they know that they’re really good.”

It’s not about the ring, or the trophy, it’s about who Georgia beat, Klatt said. Klatt believes that confidence would have grown whether Georgia beat Alabama in the regular season, or the postseason.

Klatt said it’s a similar development to what happened with Joe Burrow and LSU in 2019.