Georgia QB JT Daniels started in the Bulldogs’ Week 1 victory over Clemson, but missed UGA’s Week 2 game against UAB due to an oblique injury. Daniels shared Wednesday that his oblique issues started well before the Clemson game.

Per Seth Emerson of The Athletic, Daniels shared in a Wednesday media opportunity that his oblique issue began in preseason camp. Daniels detailed that after the Clemson game, the injury felt worse. He spent more rehabbing after the Clemson game, and then started doing a combination of throwing and rehabbing.

The mix of throwing and rehabbing appeared to work well. Against South Carolina, Daniels was 23-of-31 passing for 303 yards and 3 touchdowns with just 1 interception.

Daniels shared optimism that the injury will get “better and better” as long he keeps combining rehabbing with throwing.