Kirby Smart and his staff have built the Georgia tight end room into one of the best college football has ever seen.

Even with former LSU TE Arik Gilbert off to a slow start this year, the Bulldogs are getting major contributions from Brock Bowers and Darnell Washington.

So, how did this come together? How does Georgia have a TE group that features dual-threat guys who can both block and spread out wide as receivers? In an in-depth piece by ESPN’s Alex Scarborough, Smart made a comparison to basketball, where a position-less style is becoming more prominent:

“It’s becoming basketball,” Smart said. “Because in basketball, the center is gone. Everybody’s a guard. Well, in football the evolution is everybody’s a pass-catcher. So if you’re big and you’re a pass-catcher, what does everybody draft in the NBA? The 6-10 guy that can play guard. So we’re looking for the 6-6 guy that can play receiver and tight end.”

So far, Georgia’s offense has been great, averaging an SEC-best 7.66 yards per play. The tight ends have played a big part in that.

Can anyone figure out how to stop Bowers, Washington and Gilbert? If they can’t, Georgia will continue to roll as the reigning champs march toward another SEC East crown.