Georgia coach Kirby Smart admitted that the Bulldogs in his time as head coach of the program have never had this many holes to fill in the secondary as they do this season.

Smart said it’ll look very different, and many of the players are as talented as guys Georgia has had in the past, but they’re unproven.

“Very rarely have we had a lack of experience that we currently have,” Smart said at his Monday press conference ahead of the Clemson game. “One way to grow up is to go play. They’ve had some good competition, and they’ve gotten to go against our wideouts in the spring and our wideouts all fall camp, but it’s time to go find out what they can do in the heat of the moment. What decisions they can make, what plays they can make. They’re plenty talented enough. We just got to go execute and communicate well, that’s what makes it hard on you because they’ve done a good job of moving people around and shifting and motioning. That’s something we always see when we prepare and work really hard to get these kids ready for that.”

One notable player Georgia has is Clemson transfer Derion Kendrick, and Smart was asked about his impact on the preparation. Smart said Kendrick could bring more personnel information.