Kirby Smart and Georgia are the favorites against the Ohio State Buckeyes in Saturday’s College Football Playoff semifinal from the Peach Bowl.

All year, teams have been gunning for the defending national champions; however, Smart’s Bulldogs have maintained their edge and rolled through the SEC schedule and conference championship game.

On Saturday morning, Smart was asked about how he motivates his undefeated Georgia team. UGA doesn’t want to be the hunted; it wants to be the hunter.

“You show them. You show them the tape. You show them the things we’ve done wrong. We didn’t have exactly the perfect SEC Championship Game,” Smart explain on College GameDay. “We had a lot of things to work on. We talk all the time about how the mighty fall, and what things bring people down. Our team is well connected. We don’t think that you have to have a loss to play your best. Sometimes that does help. I certainly think it helped our team last year. But for us, it’s about how we play and how we do things.

“Our guys have practiced really physical the last couple weeks, and I’m excited to see them go out and play tonight.”

Georgia and Ohio State kickoff Saturday night at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN.