Kirby Smart openly agrees that Alabama wide receivers Jameson Williams and John Metchie are elite, but the key to their success, and what makes them reach the next level starts at quarterback.

“He is an incredible athlete, player, decision maker,” Smart said Monday of Bryce Young. “What he doesn’t get enough credit for is when a play breaks down, his skillset to deliver the ball, make people miss, and he sets up rushers, he’s like a point guard. He’s like an elite point guard that can distribute the ball, and he dribbles down the court, he has the ability to throw it over there, throw it over there, and then he can make you miss. He almost baits rushers.”

Smart said players like Williams and Metchie may be as talented elsewhere around the country, but the distributor is the key, and is different at Alabama.

“He does a great job, and I think (Bill) O’Brien and them do a great job of putting them in positions that they’re hard to cover,” Smart said. “They mix up where they put them. They’re not here and there and that’s where they are. They move those guys around.”